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Bathrooms are one room in the house that should not only be functional but indulgent. If you have ever walked into the bathroom of a nice hotel and felt that immediate wow factor then you will appreciate that little touches make all the difference.

A bathroom or ensuite should inspire, invigorate and refresh. Talk with us to explore design options, colour schemes and accessories.

Tiled floors and walls can be as individual as you are. A line of glossy mosaic tiles running along the floor or up a wall creates interest and texture. Extend a floor colour up a feature wall for a seamless and stylish finish. Install a glass splashback to protect eye-catching contrasting wallpaper above the vanity.

In general light colours will make a small area appear larger. The same effect can be created with mirrors or, to a lesser degree, glossy and reflective tiles. That said, a bold colour choice can look sensational and add some warmth.

While the European love of white has been in vogue in recent years there is no need to be afraid of colour. Colour adds a splash of interest to your bathroom and there are beautiful patterned tiles that bring a touch of beauty to any space.

Ensuites are really an extension of a bedroom and should extend or complement its styles and colour scheme.

Drainage is critical in any wet area but can often be overlooked, leaving water to pool and create unsightly mould and mildew. Large floor tiles can make it difficult to achieve the necessary floor fall but a rectangular grate or drain may offer a practical and stylish solution.

For Waterproofing services, please click on our links page for a list of recommended businesses.


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