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It’s easy to throw a few bright cushions around or add a lampshade when you want to freshen up your living space, but chances are you will be stuck with your choice of flooring for many years.

Neutral colours work well on floors and will accommodate any decorating style, from bold and modern to elegant and traditional or romantic French Provincial.

Classic shades of white and beige or warm earthy tones including browns, greys and greens enhance the feeling of space and provide the perfect starting point for more dramatic colours.

Talk with us about using pebble strips, mosaics, patterns or borders to create something special in feature areas including bathrooms and entrances, around pools, spas and water features.

Be sure to consider the practical aspects of your house design when choosing your tiles.

Tiles don’t bend and choosing a tile that complements the size and layout of your rooms will ensure a stunning visual result, but remember a little ingenuity and creativity can overcome any challenges. Splitting tiles, inserting pebbled or mosaic accent strips or changing grout spacings are just a few solutions to achieve an attractive design.


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  • Design Tips
    Neutral colours work well on floors and will accommodate any style.


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