Laundry Areas

The laundry is really the workhorse of the house. The room where countless loads of washing, drying, sorting, folding and ironing are tackled each week deserves just as much attention as other wet areas.

Drainage and ventilation are paramount. Consider the size of your laundry tile carefully as larger tiles may require rectangular grates to allow for the floor fall required for proper drainage. If your laundry extends from a living area or passage you can consider using the same time colour but opting for a smaller size (moving from a 600mm to a 300mm tile).

Create interest with easy-to-clean tiled splashbacks above the laundry sink and benches and consider extending tiles to the walls behind the washing machine (over time water can often damage and mark the walls).

Patterned floors, including striking black diamonds or thin lines of contrasting mosaics, are every bit as effective in the laundry as they are in other wet areas. This is one area of the house which is receiving more attention as designers strive to maximise space, storage and appeal.


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