Wet Areas

While popular large-format tiles are effective in hallways, kitchens and living areas they can create challenges in smaller areas such as bathrooms and laundries.

When designing with large tiles in a bathroom, the position of the floor waste is crucial and sometimes the introduction of a long drain is necessary due to the fall of the floor.

For this reason we appreciate the opportunity to consult with clients early in their building or renovation project. The position of the floor water drain can make a big impact to the finished floor. A long rectangular grate may be appropriate instead of the traditional small round grate to achieve the design you want.

An alternate solution is to use a smaller format tile (going from perhaps a 600mm to a 300mm tile) in wet areas.

Bathrooms are also great areas of a house to introduce special wall and floor textures, perhaps through the use of feature pebbles or mosaic tiles.

At Decorated Earth we work with you to overcome any challenges and listen carefully to guarantee the finished product exceeds your expectations.

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