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Tiles are a standout choice around pools, spas and outdoor bathrooms. Choosing a non-porous, stain resistant and salt-safe non-slip product will ensure you have a hardwearing, beautiful finish. The two main tiles used in outdoor applications and ceramic and porcelain. Both have different qualities and it’s important to choose a product that’s durable enough to be used in an outdoor setting.

For safety reasons pool and spa tiles need to be classified as non-slip. This doesn’t mean that the tile must have a rough surface, however, as some of the smoothest finishes are actually some of the most non-slip.

When designing the perfect pool, spa or outdoor bathroom the only limit is your imagination. Decorated Earth specialise in working with your vision to create a truly unique and relaxing space.

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Articles & Tips

  • Sealing
    A question we are often asked is whether it’s necessary to seal tiles and grout.

  • Design Tips
    Neutral colours work well on floors and will accommodate any style.


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